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Join the Fight to Free Sarah Jane Baker

Join our campaign to fight for the release of Sarah Jane Baker, a political prisoner and trans rights activist. Together, we can make a difference.

Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to help our cause. You can donate to our crowdfunder, share our message on social media, attend our events, or volunteer your time. Every little bit helps!

For more information, contact us at:

A banner displaying the words Trans Lives Matter in blue, pink and white
An LGBT flag with the words free Sarah written on it inside of a metal flowerpot

Upcoming Events

Sarah will be up for Parole soon and will need our support! We are still awaiting an exact date so stay tuned and we will release details closer to the time 

Write a letter to your MP

Either write your own letter to your MP requesting Sarah's release, or use the template we have created below:


[First Name] [Last Name]

[First line of address/ or ‘No Fixed Abode’]


[Today’s date]

Dear [MP’s name],

I am writing to you as my local Member of Parliament because I am deeply concerned about the

imprisonment of trans activist Sarah Jane Baker following a speech she made at Trans Pride

London. Sarah was charged with a public order offence but subsequently found not guilty by

Judge Tan Ikram, at City of London magistrates court on 31st August 2023. Despite her proven

innocence and her not being considered a risk to the public, Sarah is still incarcerated and is

likely to remain so until at least Spring 2024. This is a clear case of injustice.


I believe that her treatment is part of a pattern of political and media stigmatisation of trans

people. The Met Police initially found that the case warranted no further action. However, Sarah

was charged after a campaign by the right wing press and an intervention from Home Secretary

Suella Braverman, who advocated for Sarah's arrest. This political interference has meant that

Sarah has not just lost her liberty, despite having demonstrated no propensity to violence since

her initial release, but it has led to Sarah being put at great risk of harm in prison.

I am particularly worried about Sarah Jane Baker being held in a male prison, which has already

exposed her to violence and sexual assault. She is a vulnerable person who must be

immediately transferred to a women's prison. Sarah talked openly at her trial in August about

what she's facing in prison currently, which includes constant violence and threats of violence

and rape from other prisoners because she is transgender, as well as a lack of access to basic

hygiene because it is not safe for her to use showering facilities.


I would be grateful if you could raise these issues in parliament. I believe Sarah deserves fair

treatment from the legal system which cannot happen if anti-trans political agendas are allowed

to interfere. I would like to hear your position on this issue and what you think should be done

about this and who should be responsible for this action. Thank you for your time and



Best wishes,

[your full name]


More information can be found at the Free Sarah Jane Baker campaign website,

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