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About Us 

We are a campaign calling for the release from prison of our dear friend Sarah. Our mission is to facilitate her release as soon as possible and raise awareness of the issues that her case highlights, including:

  • Trans Liberation

  • Free Speech

  • The Democratic Right to Protest

About Sarah

Sarah Jane Baker is an activist, musician, poet and author. She is known for her work on Trans Liberation, Prisoner's Rights and a variety of other causes. Sarah has always championed freedom of expression and continues to do so despite her unjust incarceration. She is a classically trained violinist, a skilled guitarist and songwriter and has published two books - a third book of her poetry is soon to be released. 

Sarah is currently a political prisoner. On Wednesday 12 July 2023 she was arrested because of a speech she made at Trans Pride, in which she said, "If you see a TERF punch them in the f*cking face".  We do not advocate for violence in any form, however this was a comment said in the spur of the moment to be controversial and raise a response from her audience. At no point did she believe anyone would actually do it. This is an issue of free speech and raises serious questions of the government's role in the judicial system. Sarah was arrested despite an initial decision from police and probation not to investigate her comments. Following a Tweet from the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, praising the Metropolitan Police for reopening Sarah's case, she was arrested for a section 4A public order offence and her life licence was recalled. Sarah has now resumed serving a life sentence without trial. Sarah, who grew up with an abusive father and spent her formative years in and out of care, was previously imprisoned for violent crimes she committed over thirty years ago. Sarah was given a life sentence, of which she served a total of 30 years and was released in 2019 on parole. Since her release Sarah has not been violent to anyone. On the contrary, she has been the victim of multiple incidents of transphobic assaults and harassment, but has never retaliated. Sarah identifies as a transgender woman but has been sent to a men's prison. This is a further injustice and until she is released we call on the British government to reconsider this decision. 

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